About Us

Committed team of professionals

We are proud of all our facilities and the services delivered by our extraordinary and committed team of professionals. With integrity and intelligence, we can achieve a more satisfying outcome for our customers, our partners and our community. We have combined quality work with speed, efficiency and reliability to create a dynamic and forward-thinking organization. Our skilled multinational manpower is fully equipped to handle the challenges of tomorrow’s marketplace.

Our vision give us an insight into the latest global trends and help us incorporate best practices and cost-effective methods. We have adopted tough quality control standards, streamlined client service and management procedures. All our resources are focused on driving forward our ambition and our pursuit of excellence to serve you better. We will always be responsible to keep the ethics of business with our esteemed customers and will remain as quoin of the company policy.

Quality Statement

Our quality control policy is to deliver products and services confirming to quality plans and contract requirements. In order to meet this objective a quality control plan has been developed by the company expertise in accordance with International and local quality standards. The quality plan outlines the organizational policies, which are established to ensure that all services and construction activities are carried out under controlled conditions. This quality assurance standard establishes the basis for the quality assurance plans implemented within the organization. It states the requirements, assigns the responsibilities and prescribes the principles governing activities that are the key to quality.

Safety Statement

“Safety is the first priority” and no compromise with safety, that is our company policy. Implementation of safety practices is also the responsibility of every individual working in the company. Following the good safety practices creates safe working environments. Hazard Identification will be prepared, reviewed and approved prior to commencing any activity. It is mandatory that all employees working in the company must be followed the safety practices. Safety inspection will be conducted for every equipment and tools. It can be put in service only after confirming the safety features.

Why choose The Mount Diva Team for AMCs?

Over the last few years, a recurring topic of conversation amongst friends and colleagues has been the noticeable shortage of high quality, property-related home maintenance services in Dubai, which we,as landlords and tenants ourselves, have unfortunately experienced firsthand. The opportunity to make a significant difference and deliver a step-change in existing standards was the inspiration behind establishing The Mount diva Team. We propose to do this by offering a best-in-class, residential- focusedservice in home maintenance.

Maintenance specialists

  • Friendly. Professional. Quality-minded. Words not typically associated with property maintenance companies, but those frequently used by customers to describe our services.
  • Accountability is usually the elephant in the room for businesses like ours. However, you can relax knowing that we’re fully insured.
  • In our line of work, it’s our reputation that makes (or breaks) us. That’s why weonly employ qualified technicians with the knowledge and hands-on skills to getit right, first time.
  • We combine competitive prices with the highest standards of service, which provides great value for money.

Maintenance response

  • Consistent high quality
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Genuine Customer Care
  • Value for Money

We differentiate ourselves by how we operate

  • Our technicians:expertise, skills, communication
  • Fully-equipped newfleet of vans
  • Stringent quality control processes
  • Rigorous recruitment & selection
  • Customer Focus &Responsiveness
  • Value for Money


Each and every member of The Home Team has a vital role to play in our success.We will respect and support each of our colleagues, value the contributions that they make and ensure that we work harmoniously with each other so that our customers receive the best possible service.

Delighting Customers across the Five Senses

We will always ensure that we exceed customer expectations across each of the five senses in the services that we offer. We will pay particular attention to personal grooming and will strive to look and smell our best so our customers feel good when they meet us.

Courtesy and Politeness

We will always be polite and patient when dealing with customers,even if we are right.

Commitment and Dedication

We will constantly strive to improve the standard of both ourcustomer facing and back-office work in terms of efficiency, timeliness and quality.

Honesty and Integrity

We will always treat the property and belongings of our customers and of our company as our own.